Sixth grade students will be using this wiki to store information and collaborate to perfect a document to be place on the CSI website. You can find the website here CSI: Cemetery Scene Investigation. There are links on the website to bet you started. Read all of the information and take notes on the wiki. You may download pictures to your H drive and write your citiations on your wiki page. You will be citing all of your information. Don't forget Plagiarism is a crime.

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Citiations--online Citation Maker

plan to email owners for permission to use most images
"Name of Image." Online image. Name of Website. Date Assessed. <URL>.
"Tombstone Angel." Online image. 9 January 2007. <>

Name of Author. "Title of Web Page." [Name of Webmaster or Editor.] [Print Source] [Title of Web Collection.] [Description] [Date of Electronic Publication or Last Update] [Database Name] [[# pars.] or [# pp.]] [Sponsoring Institution] [Date Accessed] <URL>.

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