antioch.jpgAntioch Pioneer Cemetery

In 1850 a group of pioneers founded the church and cemetery at the Antioch Pioneer Cemetery site. The graves were marked with just rocks and wooden stakes. In 1873 the church's name was changed to the Antioch Presbyterian Church, which was destroyed and rebuilt. By 1925 the church and the cemetery were closed. In 1930 the Antioch Cemetery Association formed, the members destroyed the church and rebuilt it. Fences, stone pillars, and a cornerstone were added to the church. In 1939 the Presbyterian Synod was razed and had to use salvageable materials to rebuild everything. The Antioch Pioneer Cemetery is located at 7500 Antioch Road across from the Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

St. Joseph Cemetery

The St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery was established in the 1880. It was made for St. Joseph Parish in Shawnee. The 10 acre cemetery was given to the Catholic Cemeteries of Wyandotte & Johnson Counties, Inc. in 1961. The tombstones and the grounds are in excellent condition and the tombstones are easy to read. The St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery is located at 6300 Quivira Rd. in Shawnee, Kansas. It is located next to other cemeteries such as the Pleasant View Cemetery and the Shawnee Indian Cemetery.

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