Most Epitaphs descirbe the person, or something that they did in their lifetime. Some would be hard to understand, unless you knew about that person. To somebody who knew them, it could be funny, to a stranger it just sounds weird and doesn't make sense. Everyone's is unique and different. In 1750, it became became popular to have the opening line, "Here lies..." By 1800, that line faded, and "In memory of ..." became the line people used. After the opening line, came the name of the person who died, the date of birth, and the date of death. On some people's, a poem, a verse, or a biblical statement was added at the end.

The kind of lettering that was used on inscriptions varied from the skill of the carver that carved them.Upper- case lettering was used for most, and were bold letters.Many carvers use ligatures, or joined letters. In the seventeenth century, ligatures were used in about every person's inscription. There was about 3 for every inscription. But, some contained more than 10 ligatures. In 1760, this lettering style had completely died. In 1790, lettering advanced to lower- case. Different styles were discovered like Roman, Script, and Italic.

Some have only a few words, like Bonnie Anderson's:"I don't want to talk about right now."But some are very long like obin Hood's:"Here underneath this little stone Lies Robert, Earl of Huntingdon.No archer was as he so dood,And people called him Robin Hood.Such an outlaw as he, and his men,Will England never see again."Their are even ones that are longer than that, but that is one of my favorites. The ones that most people enjoy are rhyming ones, or the ones that make you laugh.Jonathon Fiddle's is:"On the 22nd of June,
Jonathon Fiddle went out of tune."Some very famous people's epitaphs are:Alexander the Great:"A tomb now suffices for him, for whom the world was not enough." Susan B. Anthony:"Liberty, Humanity, Justice, Equality" Emily Dickinson:"Called Back." If I were to die, I would want an epitaph that rhymed. To me, they are more fun to read. I wouldn't want a boring one, especially if I was famous.